Have A Voice - Spring 2017 Curriculum Development Survey - Open Now!

Dear Parents, Staff, Students, and Supporters of Covenant Canadian Reformed School,

Alberta Education is continuing to develop kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum and is looking for your feedback to inform this development. They have developed draft subject introductions and scope and sequences: what students will learn (scope) and when they will learn it (sequence).

This is an important opportunity for our school community to get involved and respectfully communicate our Reformed Christian viewpoint to curriculum developers.

We ask you to please take some time to fill in the online provincial curriculum survey at http://curriculumsurvey.alberta.ca. It is available until June 2nd; your prompt attention is requested.

The subject areas covered in the survey are: Mathematics, English Language Arts/French Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Arts, and Wellness Education. You may answer questions for as many or as few subjects as you like.

You will see that the survey is divided into two parts (you may complete one or both parts):

• Part A gives Albertans an opportunity to review and provide insights about the direction of the subject content based on the feedback provided by Albertans in the fall 2016 survey. After reviewing the scope and sequence document for the particular subject you will be asked whether you agree/disagree with the statements made. If you feel these statements do not accurately portray your view you may leave them blank. We encourage you to take time in the written comments section to express appreciation for the careful work of the curriculum developers, note your concerns, and implore them to make allowances for freedom to teach from a Reformed Christian view point in all subject areas.

• Part B allows Albertans to provide detailed feedback on the individual draft subject introductions and draft scope and sequences. It may take a significant amount of time to complete this portion.

If you have questions about completing the survey you may e-mail Mr. Nederveen at principal@covenantschool.ca. For more information about the curriculum development process we invite you to visit the Alberta Education website at https://education.alberta.ca/curriculum-development/

In His service,
The Education Committee