This year, we will have a drive to raise funds for the Word and Deed Christmas catalogue. This catalogue is in the most recent Word and Deed magazine and can be found online at www.wordanddeed.org/givinghope. Please have a look at it! As a school, we will focus on THREE gifts: Bibles, school supplies and meals for students. Not gold, frankincense and myrrh, unfortunately. Your family will be able to donate a Bible for $6, or 10 meals/snacks in Colombia for $10, or a year’s worth of school supplies in Haiti for $20. You can also donate any combination of these that you wish.

A note with more details has been sent home. You can fill in that note and return it to the school, with the necessary money. Cheques can be made out to Word and Deed. Then, our chart at school will show how many Bibles, school supplies and meals we have bought together.

We have extended the date to December 20th. Thanks!