Screening Checklist

AHS has modified our COVID protocols as of last week. Effective immediately, we are to follow the screening checklists and isolation protocol as outlined on the document found at this link:

As this will likely result in increased absences of staff and students, we do ask that you (and your student, if applicable) keep in regular contact with teachers regarding missed school work.

Welcome Back

It was wonderful to be able to begin the school year with an Opening Assembly to show glory to our God and Father in heaven by singing glory to His name and praying that he would guide our school in the coming year. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend.

Ready For Summer!

We are ready for summer, are you?

Enjoy your summer!

First day of classes for the 2021-2022 school year is September 1, 2021, D.V.

Have a safe summer!

Contact CCRS

CCRS Promotional Video:

Check out this great video of the County of Barrhead, the county in which our school and most of our membership are:

Covenant Canadian Reformed School
3030 TWP RD 615A,
County of Barrhead, AB
T0G 1R2

Phone (780) 674-4774
Fax (780) 401-3295

Land Location:
Covenant Canadian Reformed School
3030 Township Road 615A, Neerlandia , AB

OFFICE (Mrs. E. Peters)

PRINCIPAL (Mr. M. Nederveen)

Attached Documents: